Postharvest Pathology

Research Interests:
Postharvest pathology, mycology, mycotoxins, insect-fungus interactions, seed pathology

Postharvest Pathology Laboratory (PHPL)

I have always been interested in exploring plant pathogenic fungi and this led me in studying the mycotoxigenic fungi /Fusarium verticillioides/ and /Aspergillus flavus/. In the past, I was involved in projects focusing on the biological control of /F. verticillioides/ and rapid detection of fumonisin-producing /Fusarium/ species in corn. Recently, I conducted a study on the interactions between /A. flavus/ and stored-grain insect pests in conventional and Bt maize while also noting their effect on aflatoxin contamination. Other than these two molds, I also worked on different fungal pathogens attacking corn, sorghum, and papaya in the field and during postharvest. My current research involvement is on the detection of fungicide resistance isolates on selected vegetable and fruit crops. I intend to focus on the etiology and management of postharvest diseases on grains and fruit crops in future research projects. 

Bachelor’s Degree:
BS Agriculture Major in Plant Pathology

Bachelor’s Degree – Granting Institution and Address:
University of the Philippines Los Baños, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Bachelor’s Degree – Academic Distinction:
Cum Laude

Master’s Degree:
MS Plant Pathology

Master’s Degree – Granting Institution and Address:
Iowa State University, Ames, IA, United States

Master’s Degree – Academic Distinction:
Highest distinction

PPTH Undergraduate Courses:

PPTH 103. Introductory Phytobacteriology
PPTH 104. General Mycology
PPTH 112. Biological Control of Plant Pathogens
PPTH 114. Introduction to Fungal Plant Pathogens
PPTH 121. Postharvest Pathology
PPTH 131. Research in Plant Pathology


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Pascual CB, Mandap JAL and PM Magdalita. 2018. Antifungal Efficacy of Seleted Essential Oils against postharvest pathogens of papaya. Journal of Tropical Plant Pathology 54 (1): 24-45.

Mandap JAL and MP Natural. 2016. Biological control efficacy and characterization of bacterial antagonists against damping-off and stalk rot of corn caused by Fusarium verticillioides (Sacc.) Nirenberg 1976. Journal of Tropical Plant Pathology 51 (1): 40-61.

Pascual CB, Barcos AKS, Mandap JAL and ETM Ocampo. 2016. Fumonisin-producing Fusarium Species Causing Ear Rot of Corn in the Philippines. Philippine Journal of Crop Science 41(1): 12-21


Office Address:
B-204, Biological Science Building, UPLB, College, Laguna