Dr. Celia DR. Medina

For her exemplary performance in extension work in the field of Pest Management. She is an internationally recognized entomology professor who links theory to practice. Her exceptional ability to share knowledge and expertise in the field of pest management and enormous first-hand knowledge gained through several decades of hands-on research and extension activities in the management of pests in mango helped mango farmers for the proper and effective control of mango insect pest. She is also instrumental in the development of the CSI (Coconut Scale Insect) Automated Counting Software and Sampling System that extremely helped the PCA’s (Philippine Coconut Authority) survey and infestation assessment of the pest. Her technical advice and assistance have contributed towards policy makers formulating national and international agricultural policies.

Dr. Luis Rey I. Velasco

For his exemplary performance in research work in the field of pest management. His exceptional research knowledge that promotes the concept on the use of current scientific understandings in the form of laws, theories, and hypotheses as “tools” that need to be continuously challenged to fit scientist’s approximation of the universal truth. His contribution in shaping the current understanding of pest management and marked an impact in Philippine agriculture.