Weed Management (Genetics and Resistance)

Research Interests:
Weed management, weed biology, weed genetics, herbicide resistance, molecular weed science

Weed Science Laboratory

I have been teaching at UPLB since 2011. I finished BS in Agriculture and MS in Agronomy at UPLB and my doctoral degree at Kyoto University, Japan. My dissertation for PhD involved the study of metabolism-based resistance in a multiple herbicide-resistant line of Echinochloa phyllopogon (syn. E. oryzicola). During my doctoral studies, I was extensively trained on the different experimental techniques in herbicide resistance research including gene functional characterization (gene isolation, cloning, gene sequence analysis, and transgenic plant experiments) and plant sensitivity assays both in the laboratory and greenhouse conditions. I aim to pioneer the molecular elucidation of the mechanisms of herbicide resistance cases in the country that would be valuable in understanding the resistance evolution in weeds and devising better management plans to control herbicide-resistant weed biotypes in the agricultural fields.

Description of extension project involvements, trainings conducted, and other extension activities such as lectures, reviews, webinars, etc.
Extension activities where I get involved include the following: resource person to the Pest Management Council of the Philippines Farmer’s Forum, Cassava Farmers Online Forum, Online Licensure Examination Review for Agriculturists, and Crop-Protection related training.

Bachelor ‘s Degree:
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Bachelor’s Degree – Granting Institution and Address:
University of the Philippines Los Baños

Bachelor’s Degree – Academic Distinction:
Cum Laude

Master’s Degree:
Master of Science in Agronomy

Master’s Degree – Granting Institution and Address:
University of the Philippines Los Baños

PhD Program:
Doctor of Agricultural Science

PhD Program – Granting Institution and Address:
Kyoto University, Japan


WSC Undergraduate Course:
WSC 111. Biology of Weeds,
WSC 141. Weeds and Their Management

Other Courses:
AGRI 41. Principles of Crop Protection,
AGRI 42. Pest Management,
ABT 140. Biotechnology in Crop Protection

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Office Address:
A-306, Biological Sciences Building, UPLB, College, Laguna