Research Interests:
Population dynamics, weed ecology and management, herbicide resistance

Laboratory Name:
Weed Ecology and Biology

I am interested in exploring the ecological basis of weed predominance and persistence, ecology of herbicide resistance and the likes. My current research focuses on the occurrence, distribution and characterization of weedy rice populations in two provinces in Southern Luzon: Batangas and Quezon. Efforts are also in to exploring the various mechanisms in weedy rice competitiveness looking at root morphology, genetic diversity and physiology.

Description of extension projects involvements, trainings conducted, other extension activities, such as lectures, reviews, webinars, etc.
I am involved as resource person in various trainings as the FPA-PAE CPA training; I am also a member of the Scientific Technical Review Panel of the DA-Biotech Office

Bachelor’s Degree:
BSA major in Agronomy (Plant Breeding)

Bachelor’s Degree – Granting Institution and Address: 
University of the Philippines – Los Baños

Master’s Degree:
MS Agronomy (Weed Science) minor in Chemistry

Master’s Degree – Granting Institution and Address:
University of the Philippines – Los Baños

PhD Program:
PHD Agronomy (Weed Ecology)

PhD Program – Granting Institution and Address:
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA



WSC Undergraduate Courses:
WSC 121. Weed Ecology,
AGR 235 – Physiology of Herbicides;
AGR 236 Herbicide-Soil Interactions;
AGR 235.1 Laboratory on the Mode of Action of Herbicides

Other Courses:
AGRI 41. Principles of Crop Protection,
AGRI 42. Pest Management,
AGRI 195. Research Methods in Agriculture and Food Science

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Office Address:
A-124, Biological Sciences Bldg, UPLB, College, Laguna